Password Door

Password protects programs on your computer:

  • Add passwords to programs on your computer.
  • Users must enter passwords to use protected programs.
  • Protect your privacy by adding passwords to Outlook, Word, WinZip, Media Player, AcdSee...

There is a lot of fine software installed on your computer, you know them well: MS-Office, WinZip, Windows Media Player, Real Player, AcdSee. Most of them have no password protection, so anyone who shares your workstation can launch one of these applications and use it to browse or modify your data that was created by it. You don't want to have to learn to use new software that has password protection feature, but you do want the password protection feature for your existing software.

Password Door can add password protection to any program on your computer. It will not modify the original programs, so it will never destroy the programs and you will never lose data.

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Password Protect Programs

You can password protect any of the programs on your computer with Password Door.

When a user tries to use a password protected program, it asks for the password first. If user can not provide the correct password, the program terminates and user won't be able to use it.

Protect Programs Anywhere

Password Door provides strong protection and will always apply the protection to a protected program. The following actions will NOT bypass a protection:

  1. Move/Copy the protected program to another folder.
  2. Rename the protected program.
  3. Install and use a second instance of the protected program.
  4. Delete & reinstall the protected program.

With its unique "EXE identity" technology, Password Door keeps protecting the target programs even those programs have been moved to other locations, or renamed.

Easy to Use

It's easy-to-use and doesn't require special computer knowledge. Password Door has configured everything automatically after you installed it. The only thing you need to do is start protecting programs.

Password Door provides various ways for you to protect a program quickly:

More Features

Password Protection is only the basic feature of Password Door. With all the features it provides, you can fully control any of the programs on your computer.

  • Schedule Protection
  • Protection Modes
  • Filters
  • Multiple Protection Items
  • Matrix Password
  • Self-Protection
  • Even More...

Don't want to protect a program all the time?

Password Door supports schedule options. You can protect any program daily, weekly or monthly. Examples:

  • Protect a program every day 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  • Protect a program every Sunday.
  • Any combination for protecting a program daily, weekly or monthly.

With schedule options, it is possible to protect a single program in different ways or with different passwords, by using multiple protection items.

Password Door can be configured to use internet time for schedule options, in order to prevent the protection from being bypassed by changing the system time.

Password protection is never the only option.

Password Door supports different protection modes. In addition to "Password Protect", there are other protection modes that can be used to protect programs.

  • Password Protect - The target program asks for password first before anyone can use it.
  • Deny - The target program is totally blocked and cannot be launched.
  • Allow - Allow the target program. This mode is for allowing a program under special conditions while the program is blocked or password protected all other times, when using multiple protection items.

Filter and filter logic.

A filter can be specified for any protection item, to protect programs with their file name, class name, or window title.

A filter can protect multiple programs with one single protection item.

By using different filter logic, you can also deflate the protection range, or exclude special programs.

A program can be protected by more than one protection item.

With different settings and schedule options, those protection items can protect a program in different ways or with different passwords.

Imagine controlling a program like this: allow the program directly every Sunday, and password protect it all other times, but you also want it to be fully blocked 9:00 PM - 8:00 AM every day.

The task can be done by using multiple protection items for that single program.

Password Door introduces matrix password.

A new type of password, matrix password, has been designed for Password Door. The admin password and passwords for protected programs can all be set to matrix passwords instead of normal passwords.

A matrix password is defined by the highlighted buttons and the order in which those buttons are clicked.

Protect Password Door itself.

Protection will be pointless if the software can be uninstalled easily, or the settings can be changed freely. Password Door protects itself with the admin password and other features.

The admin password protects main program of Password Door, and its uninstaller. Users will not be able to change its settings or uninstall it without admin password.

It also has built-in features to avoid being removed by 3rd-party uninstallers, and ensure that it will always be there to provide maximal protection until you uninstall it with admin password.

Even more features:

  • Recheck allowed programs when the system is idle.
  • Recheck allowed programs when the schedule is in disabled hours.
  • Limit use time of a program per day.
  • Enhanced protection mode.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Color scheme, font.
  • ...
Safety is always our first priority:
1. Password Door does not modify protected programs, or the data files produced by them. It's 100% harmless to your programs and data.
2. Password Door automatically removes existing protection when uninstalled, and leaves no junk in your system.

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  • Version: 9.0.1
  • 595 KB
  • Windows 2000, 2003, XP, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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