Frequently Asked Questions

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I have lost my registration?

Please contact us to retrieve your registration.

I could not get the software registered with my registration?

Please check the following issues:

  1. It's always recommended to Copy & Paste the registration to avoid mistakes. Registration you entered to the software must be exactly same to the registration in order email: registration name is case sensitive and registration code must contain character "-" between each part. Best way to avoid any possible mistake is to copy and paste the registration.
  2. Most of our products need administrator permissions to save registration. You need to login to Windows as an administrator user, and run the main program "as administrator" on Windows Vista or later.
  3. If you are using an old version, then it's recommended to upgrade to newest version. Some old versions may not accept the registration for newest version.
  4. Registration Code is not Order ID (or Order Number, Ref Number etc.)
  5. The product needs to connect to our server to verify registration. If you got "cannot verify registration" message, either it could not connect to our server, or our server could not verify the registration. When this happened, please contact us.

    Internet Lock special: Internet Lock won't exclude itself when you use it to control internet access, so it is possible that it has been blocked by itself. If you are not sure, temporarily deactivate it and try to register again.

I didn't receive my registration after purchase?

Your registration was sent to you immediately via email after you placed an order. If you didn't receive the registration email, it could be moved to junk folder or dropped by your email client. It's also possible that you provided a wrong email address, or your email inbox has been full and cannot receive any email.

In any case, please contact us and we will re-send the registration to you. Please also check your email inbox to make sure there is no problem.

I have lost my admin password?

For our access control products, if you have lost your admin password, you can use our super password service to get control back.

The super password service is free.

None can get your admin password back if you have lost it, and there also is no backdoor password in any of those products. This service works in a different way by creating a dynamic, temporary password.