FAQ / Password Door

I cannot password protect some programs?

A few programs cannot be protected with normal method. You must use "Drag and Drop" mode to protect those programs. Please follow the steps:

  1. Open the program you want it to be protected.
  2. Open Password Door.
  3. Click at the "Target" icon in main window of Password Door and hold your mouse button, then move the mouse to main window of the program you want it to be protected.
  4. Release the mouse button, then Password Door will pop up a dialog box, please empty the contents of the "Window Title" input box, then click "OK" to return.

This way Password Door can protect most of the programs on your computer.

Why doesn't Password Door allow me to protect itself?

You don't need to protect Password Door itself, because it has already provided password protection feature.

Can I use Password Door to protect Internet Explorer and other web browsers?

Password Door can protect Internet Explorer and other web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

However, it's not safe enough, even if you protected all browsers currently installed on your system. This is because users can always download new browsers. They even can access internet with Windows Explorer. Password Door is not designed to provide protection for internet programs.

It's recommended to use Internet Lock to control access of web browsers and other internet programs.

Protect True Image Home?

When protecting True Image Home, you must change the default termination mode. To do this, click "Advanced" button in the protection item window to switch to advanced settings page, then select "Close the window only" under the section "If a program is denied" (the default is "terminate the program"), click OK to confirm.