Internet Lock

Helps control internet programs and connections:

  • Restrict internet access.
  • Password protect internet access.
  • Schedule internet access for any or all programs.
  • Block internet websites.
  • Prevent users or groups from accessing internet.

Internet Lock is an access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and internet programs. With Internet Lock, you can fully control the internet connections and programs on your computer.

By using Internet Lock, you can restrict or password protect internet access, schedule internet access, protect internet programs on certain IP addresses or domains, limit users to access only the websites you specified, or keep them from accessing unwanted websites.

Internet Lock
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Restrict internet connections and programs

You can use Internet Lock to restrict internet connections and programs. Programs blocked by Internet Lock will not be able to access the internet.

Internet Lock supports to protect all internet programs including, but not limited to:

  1. Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and so on.
  2. Email clients: Outlook, Thunderbird...
  3. FTP programs.
  4. Instant Messenger.
  5. And all other internet programs.
Password protect

Password protect internet programs

You can use Internet Lock to password protect internet programs and connections. Users must provide correct password in order to use the protected programs to access internet.

When a password protected program tries to connect to internet, Internet Lock pops up a password window to ask user to enter password. If user couldn't provide the correct password, Internet Lock blocks the connection and the program will not be able to access internet.

Schedule internet access

With Internet Lock, you can schedule internet access for internet programs and connections. Examples:

Internet Lock can be configured to use internet time for schedule options, so that schedule enabled protection won't be bypassed by changing system time.

You fully control internet access

Internet Lock is not a simple "click to block, click to allow" program. Fully Control means you can block, password protect or allow internet access for any specific, or a set of programs, TCP ports, internet websites, users and groups, and combinations of them.

  • Programs
  • Websites
  • Users and Groups
  • Ports

Control internet programs.

Internet Lock can control internet access for almost all Windows programs - not limit to only internet programs, any application that tries to access internet can be protected.

Control access to websites.

You can use Internet Lock to block or password protect internet domain names and IP addresses, or to allow access to specific IP/Domains while blocking all others.

Control internet access for users and groups.

Internet Lock can block or password protect internet access for user accounts and groups you specified.

Protect any kind of internet programs.

You can protect special TCP ports to control the related internet services and programs that use those services.

Want to protect all web browsers? A single rule will do: [Password Protect]  [all programs]  [80, 443]. Protecting TCP port 80 and 443 protects all web browsers, including those that haven't been installed to your computer.

By using multiple rules, more advanced usage can be achieved:

More Features

  • Wildcards
  • Multiple ports & port Ranges
  • Easy-to-use wizard
  • Log Mode


Internet Lock supports wildcards to protect multiple programs, IP addresses or domain names with one single rule. Examples:

  • *\iexplore.exe
  • *
  • 192.168.0.*

Multiple ports and port Ranges

A rule can have multiple ports and port ranges to protect multiple internet services or programs. Example:

  • 80, 443
  • 6660-6669
  • 1, 2, 3, 5-10

Easy-to-use wizard

Internet Lock Wizard

It's easy to get started with the add rule wizard.

Log Mode

log mode

Internet Lock provides a log system to help protect unknown internet programs and connections

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