Language Files

Most of our products support multiple languages. You can create your own language files, or download language files here.

All language files listed in this page were created by users. We do not provide any kind of support. Please download and use them at your own risk.

Download and Use Language Files

You can download language files here. To use a language file, copy it to the sub-folder Lang of program folder of related product, then launch main program, find the option for changing language, activate the new language.

  • Password Door
  • Internet Lock
  • File Lock
  • File Pulverizer

Password Door

Polish_passworddoor_9_0.ini by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Czech_passworddoor_9_0.ini by Zajko.

French_passworddoor_8_4.ini by Frédéric Dectot.

Italiano_passworddoor_8_4.ini by Burgio Salvatore.

Deutsch_passworddoor_8_4.ini by Contor.

Internet Lock

Polish_internetlock_6_0.ini by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Nederlands_internetlock_5_3.ini by E. Blankestijn.

Czech_internetlock_5_3.ini by Zajko.

French_internetlock_5_2.ini by Frédéric Dectot.

Italiano_internetlock_5_2.ini by Burgio Salvatore.

Espanol_internetlock_5_2.ini by Javier Sánchez.

File Lock

Polish_filelock_7_0.ini by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

File Pulverizer

Polish_filepulverizer_6_0.ini by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Create and Share Your Language Files

If a product supports multiple languages, it will contain a folder Lang in its program folder with an example language file English.ini. You can copy the English.ini to a new file (e.g.: French.ini) in the same folder and modify the new file to translate it.

You are always welcome to share language files you created with other users, please send language files to us and we will publish them here.

Please include the following information when sending language file to us:
  1. Product name and version (e.g. Internet Lock 6.0.6).
  2. Which Language it's for (e.g. French).
  3. The name you want to be displayed as creator.

It's highly recommended to set the language file name to be language_product_version.ini like files in this page (e.g. French_passworddoor_8_4.ini).