Screenshots / Internet Lock

  • Rules Page
  • Password Window
  • Add Rule Wizard
  • Modify Rule
  • Schedule
  • IP/Domains
  • Global Options
  • Color Scheme
  • Log Page

Rules Page

Internet Lock works with RULES. You add rules to it to control internet programs and connections on your computer.

Password Window

A password window pops up to ask user for password, when a password protected program tries to access internet.

Add Rule Wizard

When you add rules, the easy-to-use wizard helps configure Internet Lock.

Add/Modify Rule

The Add/Modify Rule window lets you configure a rule to protect one or more internet programs.


You can specify the schedule options for a rule.


A rule can be specified IP addresses and domains, so that it will only affect those IP/domains.

Global Options

In the Home page you can change global protection mode and other global settings.

Color Scheme

Internet Lock provides built-in color schemes. You also can customize your own color scheme. The screenshot shows password window in another color scheme.

Log Page

Internet Lock provides a log system to record connection events, which can help protect unknown programs and connections.