Screenshots / Desktop Lock

  • Main Window
  • Schedule Options
  • VS - Virtual Desktop
  • VS - Welcome Screen
  • VS - Options
  • VS - Profiles

Main Window

Desktop Lock - Main Window

You can lock the system immediately by simply clicking "Lock Now".

Schedule Options

Desktop Lock - Schedule Options

Setup the schedule options to let Desktop Lock lock the system at the hours you specified.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Screen - Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop is similar to real Windows desktop. It lists allowed programs on its desktop, and contains task bar, start menu.

Welcome Screen

Virtual Screen - Welcome Screen

In Welcome screen, you can choose a profile to login to the virtual desktop the profile contained. Virtual Screen supports multiple profiles, it means you can create several virtual desktops.


Virtual Screen - Control Program - Options


Virtual Screen - Control Program - Profiles

A profile contains a virtual desktop (with allowed programs, separate password and other settings).

This page is for both Desktop Lock and Desktop Lock Business Edition, including Virtual Screen tool.