Upgrade / Password Door

We currently offer free upgrades for Password Door. You can upgrade your copy to newest version without any charge.

In most cases, your registration code (license key) will be automatically accepted by new version, unless you have a very old code. If your registration needs to be updated, please contact us with following information:

We need the information to locate your order in our database. You do not need to provide them all. Normally we will be able to locate the order and verify your ownership with just your email address - provided that it matches the email address of your order in our database, i.e. you used that email when you placed the order.

If your current email address is different to the email in your order:

We must verify your ownership of the license(s), so please send a message to us from the original email address. You can ask us to update your email in our database if you want, but first please send a message from old email address.

If you have lost control of old email address, please provide more information to us for verifying your ownership (physical address, phone number...as much as possible).

Contact us for upgrade