Get Command Line

Get Command Line

A free tool to help get full command line of any program, including the parameters.

Get Command Line tool can capture full command line of any program. This tool is originally designed for Desktop Lock Virtual Screen, to help add programs to virtual desktops with correct path and parameters. It also can be used by anyone who wants to observe the command line information about programs.

Easy to use

Simply drag the target icon to any window, then release the mouse button, then the command line of the program that owns that window will be captured and displayed. You then can copy the command line to clipboard.

It also provides many useful options, to capture command lines in different formats, and change the way it works.

Small size and no installation

This is a tiny tool, very small size, and doesn't need to be installed. You download the zip file (only about 30 kb), extract it to any folder and start to use it.

It has been updated to use a stand-alone exe file. The extra dll is no longer needed.

Support all windows

Get Command Line tool now supports all Windows systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 8, 10, 11), both 32-bit and 64-bit.



To use this tool, basically you only need to drag the target icon to a window, then release the mouse button. The command line and parameters of the target program which owns that window, will be automatically captured and displayed. You then can click the Copy button to copy command line information to clipboard, or copy part of it from the edit box directly.

if you click the Options button, a popup menu will be displayed with many useful options. Those options can change the way this tool works, and change the format of command lines it captured.

Auto copy result to clipboard

Copy the captured command line to clipboard automatically. You no longer need to click the Copy button manually.

Capture while dragging

The tool will capture command line when you drag the target icon over windows, instead of waiting you to release the mouse button, i.e. real-time capturing.

Show result in single line

Make the edit box to be single line to display the captured command line.

Always on top

The main window will remain on top of all other windows.

Hide window while capturing

The main window will be hidden once you start dragging the target icon, so that it can capture windows even totally be covered by its main window.

Short path name

The captured command line will be converted to short path name format (8.3 filename). Note this option doesn't affect parameters.

No parameters

Removes parameters from captured command line.

UPPERCASE / lowercase

Convert the captured command line to uppercase or lowercase.

Note: the 2 options are also switches like other options. If, for example, you enabled UPPERCASE, you can choose the menu item again to disable it, so that the command line will become normal format since none of these 2 options are enabled.