Ad Killer 7.1

Ad Killer is a pop up stopper ( popup blocker )software to block all popup windows during you surfing on internet.

Ad Killer is a pop up stopper software, it can block any annoying pop up window during you surfing on the internet, Ad Killer will fully automatically block popups without the need of any configuration, you only need to install it on your computer, then Ad Killer will automatically be enabled when you launch your IE browser, and will be automatically exit after you closed all IE browser windows.

Ad Killer also is an configurable software, you can add URLs to the "Black List" and "White List" to let Ad Killer to force the URLs to be blocked or allowed.


  • Saves the bandwidth of your internet connection and your time: Ad Killer will block the popup ads before the pop up ads was downloaded, not to close the popup ads windows after downloaded, so it can save your time and the bandwidth of internet connection.
  • Easy to use: Ad Killer needn't you to learn how to use it, you only need to install it, then it's ready to surf internet without the bothering of pop up ads.
  • Automatically blocks popup ads: Ad Killer use the full intelligent filter technology to capture and stop popup ads, needn't your intervention at all.
  • But Ad Killer still is an configurable software: you can add any URL to the "Black List" or "White List" to force the URLs to be blocked or allowed.
  • You even needn't to launch or to terminate Ad Killer yourself: Ad Killer will be automatically enabled when you open your IE browser to start surfing internet, and it will be automatically disabled (exit) after you close all IE windows. so you needn't to launch or to terminate it.
  • One click to enable or disable: we collected the advices from our customer, then make Ad Killer so easy to use, you can click at its tray icon to enable/disable it, you needn't to right-click to popup a menu and then choose "Disable" or "Enable" to switch its status.

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